Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Study Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Study Skills - Essay lawsuitStudy skills are never attained fully formed, any more than a grown homo pops out of his mothers womb. According to Cottrell(2003 p3)They evolve and mature through repetition, trial and error, critique from others and keep reflection as you progress through your individual journey as a learnerThe shoot for of this module is to provide the opportunity to acquire and develop the study skills that will be necessary to successfully complete this course to a standard that I am aiming for. Being a competent item-by-item learner is derived from being self motivated, being able to manage personal learning wreakes, good era management skills and continually reflecting on what and how you learn best and tailoring your energies to suit.Within this portfolio I will testify the development of learner independence, time management, self evaluation of personal learning, production of an action plan and up(a) my essay writing skills. If as anticipated this is com pleted successfully it will add additional skills to my incumbent ones and aide me in my current quest to secure a higher second grade firmness on this degree course.Learner independence or autonomy can be defined as capacity to take responsibility for, and control of, your own learning, whether in an institutionalised context, or completely self-employed person of a teacher or institution (Thornbury, 2006). Learner independence is the ability of the learners to control their learning process (Holec, 1981). In the present age, when knowledge is growing at very fast pace because of the ongoing enquiry work and rapid advancements in technology, the importance of independent learning cannot be overemphasized. Learners must understand that the educational activity they are provided with at institutions is time-constrained, and what they need to learn is not limited to what they are taught in schools. Most learners utilise to learning in

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