Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Discussion Board Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion circuit board - Research Paper Example south-west Airlines is one such organization that has focused on the embarrassed Cost Producer Strategy (bags fly free) in order to compete in the market. Southwest Airlines offers lower cost services to customers and is a low-cost-carrier. Southwest has almost never served a meal to passengers onboard and has compact on many of the other services that most airlines provide. Since the economic turmoil, as airlines started firing employees, Southwest Airlines fired none and rather cut on the salaries of its employees. This increased the employee loyalty towards the company and strengthened the customer base. This on the table nature has enabled Southwest Airlines to purchase the highest number of 737-700s (Bundgaard, Bejjani & Helmer, 2006)The use of information technology has never the less created the risks of protection breaches. Online reservation requires passengers to provide credit/debit card details, that customer are hes itant to provide. However, Southwest has make sure that no fraud ever occurs and all reservations are secured.orchard apple tree Inc., a renowned American organization specializing in computers, believes in innovation and thus makes use of Differentiation Strategy as its agonistic strategy. orchard apple tree has pioneered several inventions and come up with PDAs, iMac, iBook, iTunes, iPod, iPad etc. taking the market by storm. orchard apple tree has continued to provide customers innovation when it comes to gadgets and has created some of the finest electronic products. The differentiation strategy creates monopoly and reduces the chances of substitutes taking over. Apple Inc. has hired this policy and thus is able to pass on the costs to customers, without losing customer loyalty. This strategy is viable since Apple has rare competitors who cannot replicate Apples market strategy and exploit their sales.Despite strict regulations, Apple has come under numerous security breaches where its data was hacked and

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