Monday, May 13, 2019

Personal Mission Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Personal kick Statement - Essay ExampleOn arrival, we found my grandad sitting under a head in the convalescent home waiting for us. My father looked lonely and forlorn. Before going to the elderly home, my granddad looked lively and vibrant in life. This fact made me to start wandering what had happened of my granddaddy it was actually my introductory day to see my grandfather since he went to live in the convalescent home. On seeing us, my grandfather immediately blossomed with life again and he looked quite happy. After talking with my grandfather for a while, I inquired from him how life was in the nursing home and how they were being tempered. My grandfather told us that, although they were getting all the material necessities of life in the nursing home, emotionally and spiritually they were not being taken c are of well. For instance, my grandfather told us that rarely did the workers of the nursing home talk with them individually. For this reason, my grandfather told u s that most of the time they are lonely in the nursing home. This incident made me to resolve to commit my whole life in serving the elderly people. In serving the elderly, I allow observe the following values and principles.Secondly, I will serve the elderly with love and compassion. Having realised that the main problem that the elderly face in nursing homes is lack of love and compassion, I will show them love and compassion. I will pointless my personal time to have individual conversations with the elderly as a way of showing them and compassion.Thirdly, I will serve the elderly fairly, without discriminating against them on racial, religious, political, social, or any other ground. Fairness will actually be one of the most important values that will guide my relationship with the elderly.Also, I will treat the elderly with integrity. Experience has taught me that in most cases, the elderly are not treated with integrity. Many people dont treat the elderly with integrity beca use they think that

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