Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ethics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Ethics - Case Study ExampleIt go away also eradicate putrescence and many other wrong doings. The pressure could be in the working conditions or the way the employees are treated by the management. The benefit of coming up with this system is that it will be able to cheer the integrity of the organization no matter how small it is.These hotlines are good. As they are currently referred to as a whistleblower, because of how one can tell of their problem with come out tending. This is because of the fact that they are able to discuss anything without the fear of retaliating. For example if there is bad leadership in the firm the muckle will speak out without the fear of being sacked. The firm should change the leadership style and come up with exactly what people need. Through this, the employees will always be proud of what they do.The employees should always be updated on the progress of the company. This is to date that they can be able to have an open chance of contributing to what is going on in the organization. Having this system is ethical because we go by the culture of the firm and follow the ideas of the employees. It creates a feeling of nationalism in the firm. It also propels the employees to work hard and boosts their self-morale because they are able to participate in the managerial ideas. It makes them find the best and give the best they have for the firm. On top of all these the employees should be taught on their enrol of conduct while dealing with the hotline. This is to avoid lack of respect to the system. This is not for discouraging the employees from expressing their ideas or complains (Boehme 2). It will help them conquer the fatigue caused when the employers start being unrealistic in their hotlines. It helps them remain in the linguistic context of what has really brought them to work.The organization should make sure that they implement the ideas which are raised by their employee. This will motivate them to use

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