Saturday, May 11, 2019

A report on based on the company Gourmet burger kitchen Essay - 2

A report on based on the company Gourmet burger kitchen - Essay modelingNot only the national presidency or the local government is taking go in maintaining healthy food regulations but different regulatory bodies and trade unions are also taking steps in promoting and maintaining healthy environment and keeping the track of consumer rights.Switzerland is known to have a unique semi policy-making clay where they practice direct democracy they have the most decentralized power frequent referendums and back up participation from the citizens. But one of the most unique aspects in Switzerland government is that they have no political pressure groups leaders (CIA World fact Book, 2009). Due to this GKB and all other companies like to invest in Switzerland because all the companies are given a lot of leverage to operate independently and there is least(prenominal) interference from the national or local government bodies. But keeping in mind the rights of consumers Switzerland gove rnment has set comme il faut food guard regulations. Thus it has implemented both GM food safety and labeling legislations. In 1995, Switzerland was the first country who implemented a labeling regime for GM food since accordingly modification has been taken in this (Wugar, 2006, 1). Thus now when a new company has to start its new transaction is has to follow a proper procedure, first it needs authorization from federal office of Public Health, then it needs to get registered and all the legal requirements need to be fulfilled. The regulations on food and commodities and other disposed(p) regulations make sure that proper implementation of food laws are enacted and thus the Federation keeps a proper check on food quality and standards (Rentsoh & Partner, 2009, 1).Switzerland is known to have the most stable political system and due to this all companies try to take their business in this country. Switzerland is very competitive in nature in terms of new investment and thus a ttracts many companies and business men in desktop

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