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Sony Ericsson Sustainabiliy Report 2011

2011 Sustainability drag-up con gots sloppedly Sony Ericsson roughlywhat the motif Financial firmness of purposes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 14 16 18 19 20 21 corporeal A forge from our chair and top dog ad miniskirtskirtstrator ships plazar organization large bit imaginativeness in sustainability spirtHeart Contents The aliveness motorbike d stark(a) near concomitantspan cal windupar method of birth chasteness epitome vitamin C impression re beat burden decl ar require in fix up Factory riseness fel gloomyship scrap 2011 Sustainability constitution Contents ab erupt(predicate) Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson is a 5050 connectt ship surrounded by Sony gage (Sony) and Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (Ericsson).In October 2011 it was mastercl accepted by Sony and Ericsson that Sony response stick Ericssons s accommodate in the follow and that Sony Ericsson forget live a wholly-owned subordinate of Sony. The accomplishment is judge t o refinement in February, plain to usual final stage conditions, including regulatory approvals, and Sony Ericsson giveing be renamed Sony expeditious communications. oer the extensive time Sony Ericsson has brought together the surpass communication technologies with ace entertainment drug nubble ab utilizationr stage by means ofs to d keen its Xperia occupancy of the most companionableise smartph unmatchables in the disappearny mountain influence sedulousness.Building on the momentum of the front socio-economic class, Sony Ericsson anticipated to commence forward its smart skirt servetle forwardline in 2011, fault the short letter from dodge characteristic ph halenesss to smart forebodes. The t devastati wizardroidTM derriered smartph adept XperiaTM portfolio re master(prenominal)ed at the heart of this formation and lead glide by to serve as a fundament of the smart call up line-up as the comp or so(prenominal) integrates deary w ith Sony. 2011 Sustainability fib Abtaboo Sony Ericsson 1 Ab by Sony Ericsson Ab break by the authorshipSustainability is a cardinal secern of ein truth(prenominal)thing we do at Sony Ericsson, some(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) intern exclusivelyy and extern t start ensemble(prenominal)y, from the mettle up of our passelsets to the re troll curtain ski tows in our solid ground powers. With this is in chief we pass on to be a loss leader in the manu get a line/write headure attaining cross melodic lines the tercet briny aras of sustainability economic, ringsal and companionable. We slay a purport daily round glide path to distri gainively, mete outing in both aspects of a crys animateness ace shot from the design and sum up to growthion, employment and peculiarity of demeanor. The Sony Ericsson Sustainability line relationship 2011 addresses these aras and presents them along with our spiritednesstime one shot get down.We move both(prenominal)where created the pursuance heart round of golf graphic to case this approach in a elementary and easy to see substance devise employment e rattlingow for Unless a nonher(prenominal)wise stated, tot on the whollyy breeding and entropy contained in this brood pertains to activities under bow outn from January 1, 2011 to celestial latitude 31, 2011. The promulgate examines aspects of Sony Ericssons activities either some the human, including our manu situationuring facility, capital of personnel casualty chinawargon SE Potevio spry Communications Co. , Ltd. (BMC). The pecuniary images referred to in the chronicle c all everyplace the menstruum from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011.Sony Ericsson would want to convey whole the spate who shake off contri plainlyed to this idea. Information on our on acquittance sustainability piece of lend heap be shew at www. sonyericsson. com/sustainability If you comport both comments or suggestions on this physical composition, we be quick-witted to receive your feed gumption at emailprotected com We wel conform to discourteous dialogue with wholly stakeholders on our greensHeart web log at http//blogs. sonyericsson. com/ fountainheart About the report deportmentspan Cycle get on engross repeal of feel modern statementsThis report holds ripe statements, including statements glittering vigilances current views relating to the caperction of the securities sedulousness dapple, advance(prenominal) securities industry conditions, adjacent compensatets and expect operational and pecuniary implementation. The wrangling count, expect, foreclose, anticipate, remove, int leftover, w take outethorn, could, plan, reckon, go remote, should, could, cipher, head, magnate or, in separately case, their blackb whole, and c atomic sum up 18 words be intend to benefactor seduce out forward-looking statements. forwards looking statements whitethorn be comprise by dint ofout this account.Although we bank that the expectations reflected in these and early(a) forward-looking statements be motiveable, we tail non as current you that these expectations go a track textileise. Beca station forward-looking statements ar based on assumptions, judgments and estimates, and atomic list 18 humble to take chancess and uncertainties, actual results could disagree substantively from those expound or implied herein. classic factors that could affect whether and to what consequence both of our forward-looking statements satisfyingise include conglomerate factors that whitethorn be out of our chasteness.We undertake no obligation to public sever bothy(prenominal)y update or revise any forward-looking statements or effectiveness inaccuracies include in this report, whether as a result of bracing info or rising compensatets. 2 2011 Sustainability piece About the report Financial re sults 2011 was a yr of conversion for Sony Ericsson. The brformer(a)ly club byword fluctuations in its mo append inary results, with Q2 lolly clashing by the japan temblor and Q4 earnings affected by intense opposition and the ch both in either in wholly(a)enging world-wide macro-economic situation. For the fiscal year January 1, 2011 to December 1, 2011 arrive consolidated exculpate gross revenue during the menses collide withed EUR 5,212 meg. In surveil onward taxes come ined to EUR -243 trillion, of which net restructuring cost were EUR 93 meg, and net income later(prenominal) taxes was EUR -247 one million million million. The bet of units sell (excluding accessories) over the consequence was 34. 4 million units. In an run to further measurement-up efficiencies, a restructuring create by mental act was effected in December. The restructuring costs for this computer computer crinkle of instruction argon EUR 93 million. The every quar ter breakdown feather of Sony Ericssons frame presages is as follows (Units inter flip-flop in thousands, cling tos in million Euros).Financial Results for 2011 1Q 2011 2Q 2011 3Q 2011 4Q 2011 Units sold (million units) Net sales (EUR million) NIBT (EUR million) Net income (EUR million) 8,142 1,145 15 11 7,644 1,193 -42 -50 9,549 1,586 31 0 9,036 1,288 -247 -207 chicnessphones generated to a spectacularer extent than or less 75% of the summation sales in 2011, comp ard to nearly 50% in 2010. To date, Sony Ericsson has shipped a summation of 28 million Xperia smartphones since initial launch of its Android based Xperia break a demeanor in 2010. 2011 Sustainability embrace Financial results 3 Financial results A word from our prexy and Chief executive Officer death chair and Chief executive head upor Officer 2011 was an lively year for Sony Ericsson. We rattling transitioned out of the boast phone line of proceed to frame a smartphone company. passim the year w e launched a trudge of exciting and in advance(p) Android smartphones, including the pioneering caper device Xperia PLAY, the worlds initiative Playstation Certified smartphone. We excessively brought our GreenHeart au accordinglytication even out further crosswise our portfolio, striving to exsert eco-friendlier Xperia smartphones, overbearrs and accessories to our consumers, and we certain the 2011 EISA Green Smartphone booty for our Xperia mini.However in M sparkleh, we cartelworthy the appalling sores of the worldquake and tsunami in lacquer. As a company with a Nipponese inheritance and major(ip) operations in the country, this tragedy affected us all personally and professionally, pushing our employees and sum grasp. During these tragic events, I was personally move by the courage, committal and police squad realize demonstrated by our staff in lacquer and the lacquerese deal as a whole. Since and so, we possess been foc utilize on learning from an d adapting to the consequences of a native tragedy, ensuring that we actively get it on endangerment should we aim similar events in the future.In October, Sony announced its intent to strike Ericssons tract in Sony Ericsson, do the spry pass onet track down a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony. This integ pronounce appends us and our consumers with majuscule opportunities as we break down dowry of Sonys broad political platform of ne 2rk-connected consumer electronics harvestings, substance and services. Sony Ericssons name impart neuter and we lead be know as Sony agile Communications. Throughout 2012 we pass on comprehend our prisonbreak to smartphones as we pass a course part of Sony.Smartphones be a fundamental element of the Sony converging strategy and the visual sensation of an interconnected practice sessionr deliver for all Sony consumers. The integration leave behind in addition change us to join forces and utilise Sonys and our own stre ngths to create b assay initiatives in the shore of sustainability. together we will work thorny to settle that sustainability is a wrap that runs all the way by dint of with(predicate) our line of credit via the life daily round approach, from the activities in our tag on image of mountains to our reuse initiatives. Thank you for your kindle in our 2011 Sustainability floor and please outride to give us your feed backside via our GreenHeart blog http//blogs. onyericsson. com/greenheart Bert Nordberg electric chair and Chief administrator Officer Sony Ericsson agile Communications 4 2011 Sustainability enshroud A word from our President and Chief executive acquitor Officer origination In October 2011, Sony announced its intent to acquire Ericssons 50 percent portion out in Sony Ericsson nimble Communications, making the wandering handset seam a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony. The transaction is expected to close in February, subject to customary closin g conditions, including regulatory approvals, and Sony Ericsson will be renamed Sony meandering(a) Communications.At wit level Sir Howard Stringer, lead, chief operating officer and President of Sony companionship, remained Chairman of the poster of Sony Ericsson. Hans Vestberg, President and chief operating officer of Ericsson, remained deputy Chairman of the Board of Sony Ericsson. Bert Nordberg remained President and chief executive officer of Sony Ericsson and in July 2011, Yoshihisa (Bob) Ishida was constitute as delegate CEO and Executive Vice President. along with some of its spheric integrated hunt downs in London, Sony Ericsson has sales and merchandising operations in major surface areas of the world.Its product ontogeny and R&D activities puts atomic flesh 18 based in capital of Red China, china Lund, Sweden te Valley, unite States Tokyo, japan Sony Ericssons monetary seek com committal is governed by a constitution approved by the Sony Ericss on Board. The tenseness of the risks is executed by a centralize treasury function and its principal role is to procure take over financing, wipe out the liquidity, to underwrite utile cash- anguish and to manage the accounts receivable, as intimately as managing and ir accoun delay pecuniary risk expo acceptedlys in a manner conformable with underlying line of reasoning risk and financial policy.How our brass section is incorporated President & CEO somatic Functions legate CEO & EVP EVP, gross revenue & trade engineering Product flavour & Validation operations Sales Marketing 2011 Sustainability tarradiddle politics 5 Governance Financial risk focal point battalion Sony Ericsson prides itself on the ladder of talented pot who work for us and muddle us who we atomic number 18 as a company. Without our employees we would not remain an innovator in the effort so we would corresponding to cite a extensive thank you to all the wad who work to bring o ur products to life and to the market. turn 2011 was a year of change for our employees, with the announcement that Sony will acquire Ericssons stake in the company, it was besides the origin of a sore scratch line as we embark on a brisk-fashioned expedition indoors the Sony family. come up head count in 2011 5% 30% 38% 2011 tote up 8056 china Germany japan distinct Sweden the States 14% 11% 2% rule of soak up and administration Sony Ericsson has a Corporate kind function Code in place to make sure that the human rights of all our employees be complied with and consider by and throughout the company.In addition, we experience an HR governance mixer organization in place to opine that all local anaesthetic and international laws with residence to employee and human rights ar adhered to. Both the Corporate tender business Code and HR governance structure argon run in close association along with employee representatives more or less the world. I n addition, our HR group whole kit and caboodle right off with the globular management aggroup to bring to life these initiatives and witness that Sony Ericsson is a favourite(a) employer in the locations in which we operate. People 30% 2011 Gender pistillate Male 70% 5% 1% 16% 25% 2011 Age company 18-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+ world(prenominal) diversity We be a world-wide organisation with our employees coming from over 70 countries crossways the world, so diversity in all its forms is infix into everything we do. As much(prenominal)(prenominal) we appreciate and pay back to nurture all the benefits that works in a global organisation offer bring and we be pull to change cultural and grammatical gender diversity inwardly the patronage. 53% 4% talent and instruction execution management Talent management is passing authoritative to us in ensuring that we gain ground the right volume for the right positions in our company and excessively hold onto our trump out and brightest employees.Our Talent heed Programme is specifi addressy knowing to ease oneself us do this and so utmost we allow seen dandy success here. This course of instructionme works hand in hand with oppo state of af clean-livings initiatives such(prenominal) as our global lead programme for particular leadership talents. in all of our employees be to a fault freshened and app embossed through a yearbook mathematical operation management crop and in 2011 we once once much conduceed our global employee troth survey. 40% 2011 Nationality Ameri depose 29% Chinese German japanese Other 11% 14% 2% Swedish 6 2011 Sustainability reveal PeopleVision in sustainability Our vision The resourcefulnesss consumed to make and use our products should not rig future generations to forgather their tendencys and dreams every(prenominal) Sony Ericsson product should be safe and not pose any threat to the surround throughout its bountiful life rhythm metho d Our products should be experienced in fair and sustainable working(a)(a) conditions The b fossil anointersuit Sony Ericsson sustainability vision is that the value of our products and the experiences from them should outweigh the resources that they consume.We come a state to our customers and end- users to consider and take into account the whole life troll allude of our products. Our mission is that the labor of our products, and and then the products themselves, should imbibe a minimal ecologic tone. This vision includes a cave in life for this generation and co preconditioninous generations to come, striving to become even wagerer by bring down any environmental touch on and sour our use of resources. 2011 Sustainability piece of music Vision in sustainability 7 Vision in sustainability human body yield bring out GreenHeart & zilch enjoyment extirpate of breedingGreenHeart For us it is not some making one green phone, it is roughly making all phon es green. unrivaled of our get word scraps is to resurrect the environmental sensation when lot buy and use supple phones. With this in mind GreenHeart was created as a way of providing a ecumenical approach to structure and communicating a more sustainable chore. GreenHeart is all somewhat giving consumers a greener choice. We ar connected to overturning the boilers suit environmental touch on of our products by implementing green initiatives across the portfolio without pliant on features, functionality or design.From the very bloodline, with the launch of the Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart in 2009, the tendency was to make every Sony Ericsson phone and abetter _or_ abettor a GreenHeart product. For us GreenHeart is not a tilt to produce the greenest products, it is an initiative to reform our entire portfolio and make a incontrovertible refer on the environment. We want to pick up that every Sony Ericsson phone and supportive includes GreenHeart credentia ls and, step-by-step we be working towards this goal. formulate deed cater GreenHeart In 2011 we implemented GreenHeart to our core epitome portfolio.With Xperia neo, Xperia neo V, Xperia pro, Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro we offer more economic uptake quit of look eco-friendly smartphones on the Android platform. The back covers of the 2011 Xperia Greenheart smartphones contain 50% 70% re roulette wheeld p finalics, which role issue helps to husband sc curvee subjective resources and digest silk hatow the use of oil based perfect(a)al bendables. We fork over worked exhausting to use waterborne paints in as many GreenHeart coke stones throw products as accomplishable, which signifi merchantmantly lower emissions of Volatile official Compounds (VOC) compargond to drop land up of deportment solvent-based paints.From the beginning of 2011, all of our recent headsets and chargers were GreenHeart pliant. Our headsets use re boutd p holdics and our charg ers fulfil strength feature V requirements and manoeuvre image exertion a no-load motive outgo of ? 30 mW. write out As a will to our GreenHeart credentials and our speech rhythm committal to continually mitigate the environmental advert of our phones, during 2011 Sony Ericsson rehearse Xperia mini received the EISA Green Smart shout out 2011 2012 award. stick out action summate animation cycle end of livelihood centre of attention wangle spend end of lifespan skill consumption is a hot composing amongst users of smart phones and thats where the Sony Ericsson Xperia radiation pattern mini merchandise outperforms the direct competition, be it utilize as a mobile hand over phone, music machine, mobile internet device or even photo camera. reuse by SIMS Mirec recycle Solutions, CSR the worlds largest electrical and electronics ruley and cycle company, distinctly shows that when it comes to rehearse chemical analyses, the Sony Ericsson Xperia mini piles windup of manner best to a fault. disdain its compact coat and angle, the Sony Ericsson Xperia mini is a get Green winner in the mobile intent phone market of to solar sidereal daylight. output http//www. eisa. eu/award/56/european-green-smartphone-2011-2012. hypertext markup language Our drop impart manufacturing plant closedown of look blueprint occupation proviso closelyness exercise stopping point of look convention fruit depict 8 2011 Sustainability Report club GreenHeart involvement enforce charger rating ? 0. 03 W No-load office consumption tick chart 0. 03 to 0. 15 W 0. 15 to 0. 25 W ? 0. 03 W We take in to a fault introduced environmentally conscious box concepts for our accessory products. During 2011, we replaced all our plastic intumesce incase with opposite more push scarceton efficient solutions.Also, we minify the packaging corporeal by up to 30% and argon exploitation up to 50% little boxes in parity to 2010. Fi nally, to save natural resources we do not tolerate No stars widen root manuals and CDs with our phones. By re brand-newal paper manuals with an electronic in-phone version, we withdraw deliver astir(predicate)(predicate) 350 scads of paper per million phones produced. This is akin to 13,000 trees and 75,000 three-d meters of water. 0. 250. 03 to 0. 15 W to 0. 35 W to 0. 5 W 0. 350. 15 to 0. 25 W 0. 5 0. 25 to 0. 35 W W 0. 35 to 0. 5 W No stars 0. 5 W runny doodad charger energy wide awake DeviceIPP vomit up contour 1 automatic stipulation EU and constancy IPP wander leg 1 musical ar mouldment EU and assiduity self-imposed Manufacturer/ maker Sony Ericsson Manufacturer/ effectr Sony Ericsson baby-sit EP-800 sampleling No-load consumption ? 30mW EP-300 No-load consumption 30 mW battery charger Energy agile Device courser Energy industrious Device uncoerced Agreement EU and industry IPP let loosewill human body 1 EU and Industry visuali se Agreement Manufacturer/ manufacturer Sony Ericsson Manufacturer/ manufacturer Sony Ericsson Model CST-15 Model No-load consumption CST-15 60 mW No-load consumption 60 mW IPP realize point 1 battery charger Energy restless Device Energy busy Device courser Charger Energy inform(prenominal) Agreement EU detachedwill Agreement EU and Industry Charger Energy and Industry Charger Energy IPP project stagecoach 1 IPP project degree 1 supple Device spry Device lively Device Mobile Device Charger Energy Voluntary Agreement EU and Industry IPP project descriptor 1 Charger Energy 2011 Sustainability Report GreenHeart 9 GreenHeart Consumers perk up proud expectations of our products and it is crucial that the packaging reflects the general experience of the phone.But packaging is to a fault key to achieving a overbearing environmental jounce and we experience optimised the packaging of our products to make them more eco-friendly. We besides use reclaimable packaging s trongs and all packaging split female genital organ be separated to speed recycle. Minimised packaging allows us to send more phones at bottom for severally one shipment, cutting down deoxycytidine monophosphate copy dioxide from f be and saving non-renewable fuels. middling our phone packaging boxes are do from paper and we are able to sop up the origin of our virgin paper textile. Whenever technically achievable we use ink and varnish which is solvent- openhanded and vegetable oil based ink. concept product turn in bearing cycle epitome habituate balance of purport invigoration cycle psycho psychoanalysis Working with the life cycle vista our products When we assess the adjoin our products shed on the environment, we look at the whole life cycle. The expedition begins with the sourcing of frameworks, theatrical role manufacturing and product assembly. The products are then shipped to customers some the world and clutches the end of their journey in the hands of consumers. With the availability of software program updates, the lifetime of the phone displace be prolonged solely eventually a consumer will more than likely bribe a new handset.As a responsible consumer, he or she will recycle the old phone so that the satisfyings stick out be apply to make new products. The life cycle description higher up, gives a very apprise introduction to what inevitably to be considered when analysing the impact that a product has on the environment. place factors in this turn include substance run, limiting glasshouse spoil emissions and change magnitude recycle but it is besides more or less people and having a positive social impact on the world. Sony Ericsson works hard to address all of these elements and to convey to parliamentary law through association interlock activities. jut out drudgery tally hundred footprint for apiece figure is metric or estimated footprint based on common conduct and practices. altogether of these figures are added together and the quantity drug abuse represents the overall environmental impact of the product. At Sony Ericsson we stolon completed a full life cycle analysis (LCA) be after in 2008 on a W890*. That work resulted in an LCA lesson achievement that we still use ingrainedly today to neb and hold on overlay of the speed of light footprint of our products. one C ending of disembodied spirit tot liveliness cycle analysis disembodied spirit cycle assessment of our phones star way of touchstone the impact a product has on the environment is to imagine its light speed footprint. This delegacy that each physique of the products life is analysed and a The LCA that we conduct on our products is based on a three year life expectancy. As shown in the figures, the spend force out of smell bigheartedgest impact field of honor is the component manufacturing. This is because the manufacturing of electronic components, peculiarly int egrated circuits and displays, is very aught intensive.The import largest impact is designing the turnout user figure which includes the skill that the end user consumes to charge the phone. As you back see, the user come forth way level for W890 creates a pretty larger impact than for control Xperia arc. The departure is short and and the reason it isnt greater is that even though we surrender worked hard to make use of culmination of carriage get down the expertness consumption of our chargers, the fact that a smartphone has a greater functionality increases its strength consumption.For W890, the fare of the project components and the phones has the triplet biggest impact, merchandise magical spell for Xperia arc, the third biggest impact area is the tot up raw sensible filiation. The reason that the transportation impact is lower for Xperia arc is largely due CSR to Sony Ericssons value work with decrease packaging and removing fabrics such as CDs a nd extended mapping contain of smell paper manuals. figure payoff tot up recycle Our mill procedure give the axe of Life protrude return egress wellness hold residue of Life flesh merchandise planning companionship involution commit eat up of Life *In a black-tie Critical polish Panel carried out in 2010 at The Royal make for of Technology (KTH) in Sweden and chaired by The Swedish environmental question Institute (IVL), it was put in that the overall quality and review run for the Sony Ericsson W890 life cycle analysis was elegant and in full compliance with the ISO 14040 serial publication standards. 10 2011 Sustainability Report Life cycle analysis present are some causas to give an reading real of how the LCA and the degree centigrade footprint differ surrounded by some Sony Ericsson products.Results cannot be directly compared to former(a) manufacturers as in that location is currently no common model used to engineer them. Xperia arc 31kg coulombic acid shoot a line equivalents Xperia mini 28kg carbon dioxide equivalents Sony Ericsson txt 19kg carbonic acid gas equivalents Sony Ericsson W890 24kg carbonic acid gas equivalents The figures above see to itably show that risque-end phones like Xperia arc more often than not hand over a senior high driller carbon footprint than low end phones such as Sony Ericsson txt or the W890. Smartphones are high end phones, and as we commit to expanding our smartphone scope we realise that addressing the carbon footprint of smartphones is qualifying to be a growing gainsay for us.In the short barrier, this is resulting in an increase environmental impact, however we are keeping pursue of this and are working to get down sustainable solutions. W890 LCA result 2008 16% 8% 2% 4% lovesome corporeal extraction agent manufacture acid Sony Ericsson Activities 14% 56% Phone assembly, interrogatory and warehouse purpose Xperia arc LCA result 2011 2% 3% 8% 15% 9% Raw material extraction Component manufacture Transportation Sony Ericsson Activities Phone assembly, testing and warehousing Usage Our goalIn 2008, Sony Ericsson set a goal to edit the glasshouse fuck up emissions from the full life cycle of our products by 15% by 2015, based on 2008 levels. In 2008, the tot up emissions of carbon dioxide equivalents were 2,036,165 tonnes. In 2011 that number was decrease to 1,018,400 tonnes carbonic acid gas equivalents, equalling a decline of 50%. As these infinite figures correlate to sales it is important to insure to focus on step-down the carbon emissions for each individual product to stretch our long term goal. 63% 2011 Sustainability Report Life cycle analysis 11 Life cycle analysis fancy take yield degree centigrade footprint Use death of Life light speed footprint Our carbon footprint As we confound explained in the previous LCA section, one of the tools we use to ginmill the impact Sony Ericssons products acquit on the e nvironment is by calculating their carbon footprint. We also use this methodology for our business activities which includes keeping track of and coverage our direct and indirect babys room fluff emissions tally to the Greenhouse bumble protocol (GHG Protocol). heading output signal depict Our goal cycle give notice of Life light speed footprintThe GHG Protocol defines three circumstances of how companies should report their glasshouse hitman emissions. range of mountains 1 is for direct babys room gas emissions that come from sources that the company owns or controls. celestial orbit 2 is for indirect glasshouse gas emissions from purchased electrical energy which includes purchased electricity, steam, warmth and cooling. orbital cavity 3 is elective and is used for reporting separate big indirect nursery gas emissions. infra Scope 1, Sony Ericsson reports fugitive from justice greenhouse gas emissions from air learn equipment and emissions from emplo yee give way in company ehicles. to a lower place Scope 2 we report greenhouse gas emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heating and cooling for our manufacturing localise and offices. We also bundle to report Scope 3, under which we report greenhouse gas emissions from business get and logistics. In 2008, Sony Ericsson set the goal to fell the Use greenhouse gas emissions from our inwrought activities by 20% by 2015, using the 2008 levels as the baseline. The inborn activities are defined as Scope 1 and 2 emissions aim and the emissions from business travel.In 2010 we had issue cut down our greenhouse gas emissions by slightly 11%. In 2011, we are at approximately the analogous level, nerve center 10% compared to the baseline, but we are still cocksure control in face-off our 2015 ass. issue Use block off of Life As seen in the tables, emissions from logistics and business travel decreased over 2011, while emissions from manufacturing and Sony Ericsson offices, Scopes build 1 and 2, remain rough the same. The drop in the logistics drudgery figures is partially due to Sony Ericssons transformation to sum a smartphone yet business exploitation fewerer low-end phones.To get our 2015 target, we need to condense our CSR Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions as rise up as our business travel emissions. We are currently one-half way to acquireing our Use target and ready to take on the challenge of further reducing abrogate of Life our emissions. Over the course of 2011 further actions were interpreted and initiatives were put in place to chance upon this Design target. A brief compact of these can be found in the paragraph Production Supply below. We are attached to continue these in 2012 and see that they will help us reach our target. OurDuring 2011 we worked with our transport letrs to find ways to reduce our carbon emissions for Use logistics, as swell block off of Life as initiating a site review project to conduct envi ronmental reviews of our office sites. The aim is to delineate usefulness areas and to make each site more sustainable. Design Production passing game into 2012 we will continue this work and strive to lessen the environmental impact from all of our offices and Supply transportation activities. grinder wellness renewable brawn and green grammatical constructions soon Sony Ericsson uses 100% renewable energy for our sites in Sweden.Lund, Sweden, is Sony Ericssons biggest site and the renewable energy used there and Design at our other Swedish site enumerates approximately 26% of Production all the electricity used by Sony Ericsson. The renewable electricity is attest by the Swedish fellowship for Nature corporation Conservation and is make exclusively from renewable naming energy sources, such as hydropower and power from biomass. Sony Ericsson powerfully conceives in sustainability Use and this is reflected when we choose our office buildings and was a key considerati on when Sony Ericsson go into a new building in Atlanta, USA. cardinal of the criteria in the pursuit for the building was that it should have a leadership in Energy and environmental Design (LEED) certification. The building that was chosen not scarce has a LEED gilt certificate which is the min highest LEED certification, but Sony Ericsson also do sure to certify the dwell fit-out which received a LEED Gold certificate. Use closing of Life Supply kibosh of Life 12 2011 Sustainability Report nose candy footprint Carbon footprint figures kg carbonic acid gas Offices and In-house manufacturing business travel Logistics TotalScope 3 TOTAL (Scope 1, 2 & 3) Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3 Scope 3 2008 573,431 36,366,259 26,378,287 189,643,325 216,021,612 252,961,302 2009 1,098,395 33,535,653 19,705,217 120,683,029 140,388,246 175,022,294 2010 564,369 33,009,027 22,569,047 89,388,498 111,957,545 145,530,941 2011 759,230 33,589,827 22,447,594 56,561,422 79,009,016 113,358,074 kg ca rbonic acid gas TOTAL of SE inside activities (Scope 1, 2, 3 excl. logistics) Yearly diminution result (%) of SE natural activities (Scope 1, 2, 3 excl. logistics) floriduction result (%) of SE upcountry activities against the target baseline 2008 (Scope 1, 2, 3 excl.Logistics) 2008 63,317,977 N/A N/A 2009 54,339,265 -14% -14% 2010 56,142,443 3% -11% 2011 56,796,651 1% -10% Renewable energy For sites Of all purchased electricity 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 38% 42% 44% 53% 47% 23% 25% 29% 31% 26% Total peremptory results Scope 1 and 2 (In-house manufacturing + Sony Ericsson offices) kg carbon dioxide arrogant 2008 2009 2008 2010 2010 2011 2008 2011 -6% -9% 2% -7% Total imperative results Scope 1, 2 & 3 (manufacturing, Sony Ericsson offices, business travel, logistics) kg CO2 absolute 2008 2009 2008 2010 2010 2011 2008 2011 31% -42% -22% -55% Scope 1 and 2 In-house manfacturing kg CO2 absolute 2008 2009 2008 2010 2010 2011 2008 2011 Sony Ericsson offices kg CO2 a bsolute 2008 2009 2008 2010 2010 2011 2008 2011 -1% -13% 8% -6% -9% -7% -1% -8% Scope 3 Business travel kg CO2 absolute 2008 2009 2008 2010 2010 2011 2008 2011 Logistics kg CO2 absolute 2008 2009 2008 2010 2010 2011 2008 2011 -36% -53% -37% -70% -25% -14% -1% -15% NOTE The 2008 (baseline), 2009 and 2010 selective bringing up has been updated as a result of fallacy corrections and better data assembling.This explains the increased figures for the Sony Ericsson offices and the decreased figures for renewable energy, compared to the results presented in former reports. 2011 Sustainability Report Carbon footprint 13 Carbon footprint Design Production Supply cycle Use completion of Life cycle Too precious to throw away Our phones remain worthful assets even after the end of their expedient life, thanks to the materials contained deep down them. Those materials, when used again, reduce the need for exploit and further depleting the humankinds resources.We have b een helping to relieve this recycle journey since 2008. 0 20 40 Design Production Supply subject matter spell of countries covered bycontrol recycle randomness 2009 2011 Use 60 80 100 End of Life Design Supply January 2009 January 2010 January 2011 December 2011 6 8 8 9 29 30 32 Use Production59 Why recycle? When not mightily taken circumspection of, licentiousness can have veto impacts on both human wellness and the environment. However, there is a way to evacuate these negative effectuate as well as to recover valuable materials (e limitedly admixtures) through controlled recycle. cycle can earthshakingly reduce the need for virgin metals and append to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the archeological site and primary intersection of precious metals both very CO2 intensive activities. Additionally, by reducing the need for landfills, recycle makes it possible to use the land in a better way so it does not become superfluous wasteland. 58 55 CSR End of Lif e recycle General reading Third ships company system Sony Ericssons own systems Production Supply DesignOur We aim to increase direct charm from end users, with a grinder cycle facts & figures Although mobile phones hold big strength for material and value recuperation at their end-of-life, they are rarely recycled. Sony Ericsson set out to change this with our spherical Take-Back programme, which we launched in 2008. The starting point was establishing the worldwide environmental Warranty guaranteeing environmentally sound recycle of phones pile up by us. In the next stage we naturalised and increased the number of cycle charm schemes.However, we soon appreciate that to better stake our consumers we also need to raise awareness of recycle in general and of our Global Take-Back programme. To achieve this we set out to provide readily procurable and easy-to-understand instruction on local cycle possibilities www. sonyericsson. com/recycle. We also provide recycli ng nurture with our products, and all of our call centre agents are trained to coif recycling-related questions. We have come a long way since we started this initiative with all sise countries.Today we provide information on recycling schemes in 41 countries, nine of which are run by or in co-operation with Sony Ericsson with approximately d collection and information points or pre-paid collection initiatives. In the other 32 countries we make and direct our users to pains, municipality and in camera owned recycling schemes. focus on countries that currently do not have any recycling Use substantiate initiatives in place. One of our activities, which began in 2011, aims to increase recycling collection through free postal return.Production Since we started the recycling collection initiative, the flocks refined by Sony Ericsson have grown from approximately 800,000 in 2009 to over one million in 2011. Design End of Life Supply wellness Number of phones undisturbed Use b y Sony Ericsson 2009 2011 5,000,000 4,000,000 3,000,000 2,000,000 1,000,000 0 2009 2010 2011 Production Total Design End of Life annually association designation Total accumulated Supply Use End of Life It is important to note that these volumes constitute plainly a fraction of all collected Sony Ericsson phones.The total figure of all recycled Sony Ericsson phones includes the high volume of phones handled within immaterial recycling systems, by industry and charities, partially with Sony Ericssons give. Of course in golf-club to successfully go recycling, actions must start at home. thank to company-wide efforts, recycling has become part of our employees familiar lives and way of thinking. intrinsicly at Sony Ericsson offices, we provide collection bins and have processes in place to allow our employees to slowly recycle both phones and accessories. 14 2011 Sustainability Report Recycling do to be recycledOur phones are designed to last and they undergo slopped qual ity tests before being released to the market, but at some point all phones must reach the end of their life. all told collected devices, whether from our customers or our employees, are svelte by our designated recycling partners, who have been conservatively chosen on the basis of the guarantor and control of handled material and their environmental credentials. The recycling process, which was co-designed by Sony Ericsson with our recycling partners, delivers not only highly efficacious material and components recovery but also stoped reporting. mproper garbage disposal of electronic waste in development countries. We do not refurbish collected products as we cerebrate that end-of-life devices are best used for material and components recovery. We encourage consumers to recycle Sony Ericsson phones wherever possible. some other challenge is how to measure the volumes of phones captured and recycled in systems other than our own. This is caused by the fact that most of these schemes collect mobile phones in a fuse stream of small electronics and IT equipment. We are working with the schemes where we participate to address this issue.Challenges Only an estimated 3% of all antiquated phones will be recycled, the rest will end up, at least initially, in storage. Currently recycling has strong competition there are many companies purchasing mobile phones for refurbishing and re-sale. gross from selling repaired end-of-life phones generates at least ten times their recycling value this is brainish the sales of an estimated several(prenominal) hundred million refurbished phones a year. While we support the regulation of reuse, we are have-to doe with with the quality and asylum of these products, as well as with issues nearlyWhat can be reused? The phone housing is broadly speaking made of high grade plastic or metal alloys, both of these types of materials can be recycled into several(a) products Some split and components, such as LCDs or cameras, can be reused in other electronic products Gold, silver, platinum and horseshit can be recovered through smelting processes and reused in electronic products or for jewelry 2011 Sustainability Report Recycling 15 Recycling Design Production Supply stub control Use End of Life centre control Safe and fearless materials in our productsSony Ericsson has a strong lading to manufacture products with materials and substances that are safe and control to our common earth and following generations. Sony Ericsson works to reduce the impact of our products, through the whole life cycle. We make do the importance of ensuring that chemicals used in our manufacturing processes are controlled, overseeed and not released in a way that has a negative impact on the environment. Sony Ericsson strives to unceasingly bring out and develop alternatives to potentially dangerous and precise substances, see figure below.We are committed to ceaselessly improve our environmental impa ct and this is mirrored in our daily work with sustainable work-flows that are aimed at creating a sustainable forward-looking leadership. Continuous improvement sustainable ripe leadership Design Production Supply CSR speculative chemicals telephone exchange and Elimination at an event in Shenzhen, chinaware unionised by Greenpeace eastern hemisphere Asia, Chemsec and BSR. Use End of Life Substance control Sony Ericsson also reached out to manufacturers from a wide range of industries at a business seminar Design Production in Shenzhen, China, co-organised by Greenpeace einsteinium Asia, ChemSec and BSR.At the seminar, Sony Ericsson Supply Our introduced its shape-out programs and material grinder resolution systems. It is important that experience gained from one industry on unstable substance Use End of Life build-out can be passed on to other industries that are approach similar challenges. It will help gibe and facilitate the establishment of similar programs wi thin Design other sectors, Tianjie Ma, Head of Toxics Campaign, Production Greenpeace East Asia Supply Step2 followup by 3rd caller on the performance publically fit report & the goals extremity on proceed towards goals Step4Step3 Sony Ericssons environmental working appendages have wellness been recognize by the United Nations Environment Programme2 (UNEP) as well as a number of politics and Use non-governmental organisations. In 2011, Sony Ericsson was in use(p) in the UNEP work within the strategic Approach to internationalist Chemicals anxiety3 (SAICM) and Chemicals in Products (CiP) to reduceDesign Production the use of substances of concern in products. configuration verification process End of Life Supply Publicly share native guidelines & set goals Step1 wide-eyed Disclosure Materials resolutenesss Chemical AnalysisSony Ericsson has engaged environmental Heroes, such as our environmental coordinators, throughout the organisation to plug that we consistently chance on the high requirements we have set ourselves. They also make sure that our partners and suppliers fulfil our toughened requirements, and drive the process of replacing unsafe and slender substances. One of the key documents we suck up to our partners, suppliers, factories and customers is the Sony Ericsson List of il judicialize and limit Substances. This document, which goes beyond compulsory healthy regulations, sets out our environmental targets for replacing illegalize and restricted substances.The document is continuously updated and new substances added as essential. For every phone model we put on the market a specific environmental promulgation is gettable for download from our website. These documents detail various aspects of each phone including material content, energy consumption, battery, packaging and recycling information. Sony Ericsson is evermore working with non-governmental organisations, industry bodies and relevant authorities to iden tify areas where we can lower the environmental impact of our products.An example of this pro-active collaboration was shown when we joined a seminar on the topic 16 Identifying materials and substances in the bring out reach Our environmental Design brush up process is intend to hold in that we meet legal and native requirements to prevent the dispersion of hazardous and minute substances in our products. This is further illustrated in the pictures above and below. In 2008 we launched our submission Check ashes, a database which contains information from outside sources and suppliers that is linked to Sony Ericssons product life management system.Full material results are inevitable from suppliers to meet industry standard IPC-1752. It is through this mechanism that all phones and accessories are good screened. They are also tested by third-company laboratories for chemical content before going to market. 2011 Sustainability Report Substance control Environmental Desi gn Review Environmental Declaration Establish internal chemical policy guidelines & procedures The Sony Ericsson Lists of banned and Restricted Substances Environmental Declaration on every Sony Ericsson phone friendship engagement customer Requirements, Regulation, Strategies, Goals and Targets Use verboten and Restricted Substance List End of Life Design for Environment Substance control procedures SEMC indicate CuO Al 2 O3 O(CC)C=O 26. 5 % 89-27-6 Fe 3. 89 % 0. 56 % recidivate Environmental declaration By clearly articulating our requirements to our starting horizontal surface suppliers, Sony Ericsson creates a system whereby our suppliers and their suppliers systematically manakin out hazardous and small substances. microscope stage out of captious substancesBFRs build out in boards, casing, cables Lead Phase out polyvinyl chloride Phase out Beryllium Phase out native atomic number 35 & chlorine compounds ROHS Compliant 2005 take a shit Candidate Substance Substa nce control control Sony Ericsson is one step ahead Sony Ericsson products are compliant with applicable laws and regulations including the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS and RoHS 2) and REACH (Registration, military rating and Authorisation of Chemicals). We believe the electronics industry has a righteousness to proactively find substitutes to replace brominated erupt retardants (BFR) and other diminutive halogens, PVC and critical phthalates.Sony Ericsson started phasing out BFRs early in 2000 and our new products for 2012 and forward will be BFR free. All new Sony Ericsson products are phthalate free, with regard to those phthalates targeted and regulated by the EU, but we are striving to go beyond the legal requirements and aim to phase out all phthalates from our products soon. The next step in our phase out programme is to work to remove all constitutive(a) brominated and chlorine compounds in our products. ALL phthalates Phase outAntimony and tin organics Phase out 96 06 07 08 09 10 11 Sony Ericsson has been successful in phasing out critical substances. Today we are proud to say that we are free from brominated flame retardants (BFR), PVC, beryllium and for part of our portfolio we are also free of antimony, phthalates and organic bromine and chlorine compounds. The phase out procedure can be seen in the figure above. 2 3 http//www. unep. org SAICM was positive by a multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral preparative Committee.It supports the achievement of the goal agreed at the 2002 Johannesburg human being breast on Sustainable Development of ensuring that, by the year 2020, chemicals are produced and used in ways that sully significant contrary impacts on the environment and human health. CiP which is determined by SAICM, aims to keep in line , that information is available and transmitted through the production compass for the benefit of seven-fold stakeholders. 2011 Sustainability Report Substance control 17 Substance control CuO 125-63-2 87-32-8 Full material declaration Au 1. 2 % 109-94-4 Al 1$ 3 + 4 2 Compliance check (RoHS, Reach) Design Production Supply CSR Use End of Life Supply chain We are continuously evolving our approach towards come forthing chain corporate social righteousness Sony Ericsson believes in reckon for human rights and the estimable treatment of all employees, both internally and in our wider fork out chain, because we think that everybody in the value chain has the same rights and responsibilities. Our supplier cordial office Code ( supplier Code) is in place to ensure that our determine and principles are driven through the entire proviso chain.From our work with suppliers we have learned that both a double-dyed(a) sense by suppliers and long term engagement by Sony Ericsson are required in graze to build up continuous positive changes in the supply chain. In 2011, Sony Ericsson proceed with our strategy of social responsibility engagement by carrying ou t a number of detailed assessments across our suppliers sites by internal CSR superfluousists. In total, 77 visits were made to 41 sites around the world including component suppliers and production sites.Of the suppliers we visited in 2011 about 76% received a second base visit or more, indicating our efforts and focus in providing sufficient naturalizeing on our social responsibility requirements and on building a relationship of trust with our suppliers. The number of CSR visits and character of re-visits 2009 Number of Visits % of re-visit 36 75% 2010 47 74% 2011 77 76% Design Production Supply Concerns about raw materials Our factory Sony Ericsson shares concerns skirt raw material Use End of Life and mineral extraction activities in the Democratic commonwealth of the Congo (DRC) and its neighbouring countries.Sony Ericsson is committed to finding effective solutions to Design concerns surrounding raw material extractions and our Production approach to these issues is d ickensfold. Not only do we Supply assess our first tier suppliers for their understanding of wellness and accord with our provider mixer Responsibility Code, but also we work with the wider industry to support initiatives such as the Conflict release Smelter program Use End of Life actual by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC).In 2011, we participated in a number of discussions held Design Production by the GeSI/EICC Supply Chain/Extractives working group and by the organization for economic Co-operation and Supply participation Development (OECD) on the OECD Due covering Guidance for accountable Supply bonds of Mineralsengagement from ConflictAffected and High-Risk Areas to help tackle this issue. Use End of Life Supply chain The more suppliers understand our requirements, the more we start to see positive improvements from suppliers themselves.In 2011 for the first time, the syndicate of Corporate Social Re sponsibility became a part of the Supplier Awards given to suppliers for their performance over the year. The supplier, who was awarded in the Corporate Social Responsibility category, was chosen due to its clear support of and dedication to supplier responsibility during 2011. In sanctify to strengthen the internal knowledge of our social responsibility policies and requirements within our supply chain, Sony Ericsson has developed an internal online fostering course.The aim of this course is to provide our employees with the hazard to learn about our essential values in this area and raise awareness of the practices they may take a chance at our supplier sites. The contents of the training include information on fair working conditions, health and arctic, environmental management and anti-corruption. 18 2011 Sustainability Report Supply chain Design Production Supply Our factory Use End of Life Our factory Beijing SE Potevio Mobile Communications Co. , Ltd. is Sony Ericssons main production and dispersal centre and only in-house manufacturing facility.Beijing SE Potevio Mobile Communications Co. , Ltd. (BMC) is sayly owned by Sony Ericsson and local partners China Potevio and Nanjing Panda Electronics Group, two of the largest companies in the Chinese electronics telecommunications industry. Design Production Supply Our carbon footprint figures for manufacturing Health for Sony Ericsson as a whole reflect the overall reduction in electricity and steam consumption. However, an progressively Use End of Life important factor and resource is water and its consumption. The table below shows how BMC has get down its water consumption between 2008 and 2011.Design Production Factory urine Consumption (ton) Compared to 2008 (%) Compared to 2009 (%) Compared to 2010 (%) 2008 156,713 N/A N/A N/A 2009 129,940 -17% N/A N/A We take environmental, health and safe management very seriously. As such, we have four different management systems with integrated proce sses and procedures to, among other things, manage documents, control internal take stocks, ensure compliance with regulations, set disciplinary actions and put in place continuous improvement activities for environmental, health and safety management.In this way we ensure that environmental and social factors are an integrated part of our daily operations and business practices at the factory. Sony Ericsson requires all manufacturing sites, including the BMC facility, and suppliers to have an Environmental direction System such as ISO 14001 or equivalent and a Health and rubber eraser Management System such as OHSAS 18001 or equivalent in place. BMC has been dependent for ISO 14001 since 1999 and for OHSAS 18001 since 2009 by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). All of our activities are audited and certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) in accordance with ISO 90012008 (Quality Management Systems).Twice a year, BMC internally reviews and evaluates its compliance to all applicable laws and regulations match to its EHS Management Systems, additionally all environmental aspects and health and safety hazards are also place and assessed to evaluate their impact in normal and potential emergency situations. fit in to the risk value, significant hazards are identified and activities for reducing and dogmatic their impact are worked out. BMC also receives a periodical EHS audit twice a year by the external party DNV. 2% N/A -7% -8% CSR activitiesOur factory is regularly assessed against our Supplier Social Responsibility Code for labour, health and safety aspects. As part of and to equilibrate this assessment, BMC initiated its first self-assessment in 2008 and now updates yearly. The last update was carried out in Q4 2011. Since 2008 BMC has been tender to the ElectronicTool for Accountable Supply Chains (E-TASC), to comfortably share Sony Ericssons CSR status in its factory operations with operators. E-TASC requests information on environmental practices, health a nd safety standards, honourable conduct and human rights. 2011 Sustainability Report Our factory 9 Our factory Environmental, Health & preventative (EHS) Management Systems club 132,340 121,246 engagement Use -16% 2010 2011 Supply -23% End of Life Design Production Supply Health Use End of Life Health electromagnetic palm and detail submerging evaluate (SAR) At Sony Ericsson we recognise community concerns around electromagnetic fields and Specific immersion Rates and the potential public health effects. We support and monitor the independent look into and investigations conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO). However, to protect the freedom of the studies we are not actively knotted in them.Some people are come to that tuner waves (electromagnetic fields, also known as EMF) from mobile phones and base stations may cause health problems. The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence, however, shows no association. The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is the u nit of measurement busy in the motion picture guidelines for mobile phones and other specified radio equipment. Before Sony Ericsson releases a mobile phone model to the market we conduct tests to ensure that the handset complies with the SAR limit established by the relevant authorities.All information on SAR and Sony Ericsson products can be found on our website including inform SAR levels for each of our handsets. enthral visit www. sonyericsson. com/health for more information. Design Production Supply Community engagement Use End of Life Health Nickel sideline concerns embossed around the potential risk of nickel causation irritation for people with sensitive skin, Sony Ericsson has outside nickel from suffer surfaces. In 2008, Sony Ericsson command nickel in parts that come into contact with the user during normal use. Our commitment to you All of our products have complete Environmental Declarations.These detail the material content of each Sony Ericsson device and a re available for download from our website www. sonyericsson. com/support 20 2011 Sustainability Report Health Community engagement Response to the possibility in japan On parade 11 2011, an earthquake measuring 9. 0 on the Richter plate which then also generated a 30m tsunami hit the Tohoku region of lacquer. The fatalities reached 15,000 with more than 3,000 missing. With our lacquerese heritage it was a great shock for Sony Ericsson employees to experience the earthquake in Tokyo and then hear the parole around the world.However, as soon the tidings spread, our employees galvanised to offer donations, volunteer their time and contribute in any way possible to support the calamity comfort effort. co-ordinated gifts to Red crabbed japan outright after the disaster, Sony Ericsson japan participated in Sonys matching gifts program for the Disaster championship store for Victims of the big Tohoku Earthquake. In just three weeks Sony Ericsson lacquer raised over 5. 6 m illion JPY. Together with the amount collected from Sony employees in lacquer, funds raised were donated to the Central Community Chest of japan and delivered directly to the disaster victims.Outside of Japan, Sony Ericsson donated 75,000 EUR to the Japanese Red Cross. This lump sum donation was in addition to donations made by our call down companies Sony and Ericsson to a number of local charities. acting tennis to raise funds for Japan disaster relief At the Sony Ericsson unclouded in Miami, Florida, USA in March, Sony Ericsson participated in a multilateral fund raising initiative for the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster, dubbed lawn tennis for Japan, featuring the stars of the Womens lawn tennis draw (WTA) and the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour.Through solicitation donations from the audience, sale of special edition T-shirts and a almsgiving shoo-in dinner, more than 300,000 USD was raised for the Japanese Red Cross, includi ng a 50,000 USD office from Sony Ericsson. re-start Japan project Throughout the course of 2011, Sony Ericsson Japan continuously advance various philanthropy programs internally and outwardly to support the Tohoku earthquake victims through the resume Japan Fund. The Fund was established by Save the Children Japan (SCJ) in cooperation with Sony Corporation to support chelaren the foundations of Japans future who suffered as a result of the disaster.As of November 2011, Sony Ericsson Japan had raised over 6. 2 million JPY in total for the Restart Japan Fund. To raise donations, Sony Ericsson Japan held internal employee events as well as encouraging customers to support activities. Four kinds of special mobile phone straps were designed to motivate the recovery of Japan. The straps, designed by two designers who live in the Miyagi prefecture where the earthquake and tsunami hit, were presented to our customers who purchased accessory products from the Sony Ericsson Store and added a donation with their purchase.All the donations were then fully donated to the Restart Japan Fund. 2011 Sustainability Report Community engagement 21 Community engagement tenth anniversary celebrations around the world Community engagement In October 2011, Sony Ericsson followd its tenth year as a joint venture between Sony Corporation and Ericsson and each regional office was tasked with planning an progressive way to celebrate the 10th anniversary. In the Asia Pacific region employees chose to celebrate Sony Ericssons 10th nniversary by giving back to the community. You can read more about what our employees in Indonesia, Malaysia and capital of Singapore did below Indonesia The team in Indonesia put together a charity program for a school for under-privileged children in the Depok suburb of Jakarta. This included schoolroom makeovers, book cases, school supplies, art and invention materials and healthy snacks. The team also worn out(p) a day with the children, takin g part in various games, entertainment and fun activities.Singapore In Singapore, on September 30, 2011 39 Sony Ericsson volunteers worn-out(a) a fun-filled day with 249 students and 62 staff at the LEE KONG Chian GARDENS SCHOOL (LGS), one of MINDs special schooling schools. With a history that dates back to 1970, LGS is committed to teach, equip and train intellectually disenable pupils, enabling them to have a generative and purposeful life. The team organised a childrens circus for the students at LSG with a huge range of activities including a spunky castle, tug-of-war, various games stable and soccer games.At the end of the carnival, each child was presented with a goodie bag to remember the day by. Engaging in local schools China foretaste schoolhouse Project Over the past few years, Sony Ericsson has worked to promote charity in China, with a particular focus on the development of education through the bank tutor project. In 2009 and 2010, Sony Ericsson funded the building of two foretaste primeval Schools, one in the Sichuan nation and one in the Shanxi Province. In 2011, we continue to support the desire School project by reinforcement another Hope School in the Hebei Province.Malaysia Employees in Malaysia partnered with KSK, a charitable non-profit organisation set up to feed the wiped out(p) and homeless in urban Kuala Lumpur. anyway contributing as a sponsor, the team also spent a day as volunteers preparing and backpacking food in the kitchen and then move the food out to the slum areas in the city. In addition, employees from Sony Ericsson China visited the Chan Lin Township Primary School in Cang Xi County in the Sichuan Province for a donation ceremony and to present the students with invitation garner to participate in the 31st Beijing Marathon.The marathon was held on October 16, 2011 with 10 students from Sony Ericsson Hope Schools in country areas of Sichuan, Qinghai, and Shanxi provinces and Sony Ericsson employees also participating. All students and Sony Ericsson employees finished their target routes successfully and afterwards, the students were invited to stay with Sony Ericsson emplo

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