Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Mommy Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mommy - Movie Review ExampleIt seemed to me very bright and significant as it showed crucial points and replace of roles that took place several times, making both the mother and the son victims and then aggressors. But when I saw this scene when Diane recalls all the sweet and sad memories, I found it even more powerful. It touched really deep feelings. This scene takes place after the sweet time they had together. It was very rare as they had yet bad times and quarrels, problems with bad behavior and its consequences. This following scene adds even more bitterness because Diane realizes she has to give her son away as he take help. All this happens after Steve cut his veins right in the supermarket. She just cannot manage to deal with it. The sequence is a kind of catharsis of the film. It seems very sweet and incisively this makes it really tragic.Diane dreamt of life success and happiness for her son though she realizes the way she sees it is impossible. She sees him as a glad graduate, and then she dreams he is in love with a wonderful girl, whom he will marry and all they will live happily ever after. It is very t annuler when Diane recalls her son as a subaltern baby on her hands. All the scenes are filled with words from her memories words by Steve, Kyla and herself. Crucial is the moment of change of the appearance of the son. He stands after the rain and at the moment he is shouting he is free, we see he is another person, who just looks like real Steve. Here we see the sad truth that Diane really would like to have another son. She realizes her dreams will not come true. This scene is a kind of sincere revealing them and saying farewell to this rising they wouldnt have had anyway.The character Kyla is very important as it is opposite to Dianes image. She is kind and nice mother, humble and caring. She also influenced on Steve significantly. In the end of the film when she has to leave due to her husbands

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