Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Response to Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Response to Questions - Assignment ExampleThe middle range according to them are essential in treat practice as it helps in widening nursing practice as well as shaping nursing profession. It enables nurses provide efficient and quality healthcare, and services, with sexual practice variation and the requirement for acknowledging minorities are areas of headache. Shelly and Miller in chapter 15 are also concern with enhancing the nurse practice by incorporating interrogation and development. They have argued that research and development forget ensure quality health care service provision that considers the diverse cultural backgrounds of patients. According to Shelly and Miller, the future of nursing guess will be guided by population demands and will be ensuring it meets the interdisciplinary as well as the integrative character of these demands. The source of the future nursing theory will be practice, research and development. The main similarity between McEwen and Wills c hapter 21 and chapter 15 in Shelly and Miller are that, they are al concern with enhancing nursing development. They are all emphasizing on developing situation practice theories and increasingly embracing the evidenced based practice. The course Nursing possibility Advanced Practice has really enlightened me in nursing practice. ... Accordingly, it has enabled me to realize that, nursing knowledge encompass nursing research, evaluation, monitoring, prediction, as well as assessing customers reaction to clinical services and practices (Afaf 1997). The course has enabled me to realize that nursing theory is like any other profession, it requires standards of practice that will ensure in that respect is unitary provision of quality service as well as ensuring that the services are centered on accepted nursing process (Taylor & hum 2001). It has enabled me realize that nursing practice and theories are important in researching on patient responses to various nursing practice and thus essential to the way we serve clinical services currently and in future. It is due to the fact that clinical and nursing practice is centered on individuals health status, how retch individuals react to nursing practices is important information for evaluating and assessing nursing practices. The course has widen my nursing knowledge and it has helped to shape the characteristics of the nursing profession as well as in authorizing nurses to offer efficient and quality healthcare, and services in which gender variation and the requirement for acknowledging minorities are areas of concern (wills &Melanie 2002). The reason why nursing theory is important is because it provides the values that support the practice and assist in generating additional nursing information. Nursing theory provides nurses with a sense of identity and assist patients, government activity as well as other medical care professionals to realize the exclusive involvement that nurses do contribute to the medica l service provision (Wills &Melanie 2002). another(prenominal) important fact is that, nursing theory assists clinicians and nurses to recognize their functions and

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