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Production Method in Chicken Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Production Method in Chicken Industry - Essay ExampleIn a wider point of view, some people may realise utilitarianism as way to contrary Human Rights but utilitarian have answered to most of these questions or at least tried to bring a excuse to disavow these ideas.7Utilitarianism consists of two doctrines A theory of what is Right, and a theory of what is Good.8. In the prime(prenominal) section of this case study we will try to bring liberal justification via utilitarian principles to persuade the consumers that the Supply Chains position is in the best form of it in the current situation of the Chicken Industry in the united Kingdom.(poultry) being cheaper in our supermarkets today than twenty years ago. The supply chain of the industry consists of four key elements, the breeders, the factory farmers, the abattoirs/packers and the supermarkets. Consumer groups have in recent generation been critical of every stage of the supply chain. The RSPCA considers suffering of broiler chickens as i of the most pressing animal welfare issues in the UK today. Fifty pct of chickens entering the food chain are also known to carry campylobacter a cause of food poisoning. Supermarkets have been criticised for using chicken in market promotions such as buy one get one free that cause farmers substantial loss of income.9As mentioned before utilitarianism consists of two doctrines. The first one or What is right is actually Varieties of Consequentialism. The first one is Act Consequentialism that states that an action is right only if it brings us benefits no matter if is a defile decision. In our case study, the supply chain decides to sell the products in any way to prevent serious detriment to the whole system in languish run no matter if it harms the consumer or cause farmers substantial loss of income. The best decision is the decision that gives the supply chain a benefit or prevents huge detriment. It is not important if a minority hurts or even become sacrifi ced. Farmers does hurt but they are a minority of the population. Customers hurt as well as but the supply chain decides to give them some incentive such as bringing the price to 50% via buy one get one free policy.This way, the chain and the consumers are happy but the farmers are not. This isnt much fair but it

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