Thursday, June 13, 2019

Discussion Board Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Discussion Board - Essay ExampleThey not only bring with them terror for the common citizens but likewise introduce a huge dust of alcohol, abuse of drugs and many other forbidden things in the society. The future extension should be made to stay absent from this peril as much as possible.Studies show that these young people argon those who are at frenzy with their home and family or else the ones who do not have any one to look after them in their childhood and teenage years. They have an inferiority complex attached with their souls, which they very dearly want to get rid of. The crimes give them pleasure for certain time duration and heal their wounds but actually these never leave a lasting motion-picture show on their personality, rather they become much pestiferous and bad. These youth sometimes, are the young black and brown fatherless ones who live within the inner streets of our cities who do not have any mentors, ministers or monitors to look after their needs and wi shes. They are the ones who feel left out and think of themselves as nothing more than an ordinary piece of crap for the whole society and gentlemans gentleman era. Poverty and lack of education in their lives make them the most vulnerable amongst all human populations of any country or for that matter, the world.The organizations, not really the ones that are famous and well known, are also involved in organizing crimes, which are exploiting the younger generation of today. These create networks between their different branches and then go about performing their so-called duties to the society in a negative fashion. Mafias, gangs, triads and many more are just a few to be named as the well-set organizations in todays world who are organizing crimes, hiring people for the same and then committing the evil through these people, mostly involving the youth.These organizations are also quite diligent in spreading the use of drugs and alcohols in the young blood. They operate in a myst erious capacity and cant be easily tracked down by law

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