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Superstructural Methods & Processes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Superstructural Methods & Processes - Essay Example Half frame does not require heavy steel. Several decades ago when there was plenty of lumber, houses and barns were framed in full frame. These frames had solid and heavy steel that were tinned, mortised and pinned together. However, the scarcity of lumber that has been a characteristic of the modern times has influenced the construction of houses or structures with half frame style (McEwan, 2007, p 273). Half frame does not require heavy steel. In addition, it uses more nails and planks. Many buildings constructed in the modern day are constructed with balloon framing inside the houses and plank framing in the barns. This paper will analyse the superstructure processes, requirements and other methods that are used in building. Main forms of construction in a storage warehouse The Warehouse space type is designed in a way that allows the storage of goods and other equipment. When constructing a storage house, constructors pay attention to the requirements that are needed by the floor in place. There are many different types of concrete floors. This means that there are many methods of laying these floors. In addition, when constructing storage houses, constructors have to pay attention to the environment used. The environment determines the method to be used and the floor to be laid in a storage house. Precision must always be one of the most important factors to be considered when constructing a storage house. The space, shelving and the storage facility influence the construction of storage houses with respect to materials and adjustments to be considered in the construction process. A competition swimming pool Design The design used to make the recirculation system is critical in a competitive pool. The system must also deal with water displaced by swimmers, also known as static surge and waves with kinetic surge during competition. The water should be returned through the pool bottom in an up flow system that displaces the water evenly without putting preju dice on any one competitor. Lighting is significant to competition because it judges distances and evaluates the position of other competitors. Lighting can be provided by in-pool lights, installing of ceiling fixtures or natural sunlight. The minimum illumination for indoor pools should be 215 lux and outdoor pools must be at least 110 lux. All in-pool lights are placed to the sidewalls during competition. In modern pool design, movable bulkheads are necessary to accommodate the variety of competitive requirements. Construction schedules of a superstructure Construction schedules help in superstructure methods and procedures in different ways. First, it helps to assign dates to activities of the intended project. Project scheduling also helps to match the resources provided for construction equipment and labor provision of project. Scheduling can also eradicate problems because of construction holdup (Hannon &, 2007), p 101). The diagram below shows the procedure followed whe n developing a construction For the facilitation of early clearance of

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