Sunday, August 25, 2019

Greek Current Event Reflections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Greek Current Event Reflections - Essay Example The organizations termed as Greek because their nomenclatures consisted of Greek letters that were serving as reminder of the value of the group. Fraternities have been a significant part of the co-curricular experiences as well as the norm in Northern Arizona University. The sororities have supported university mission through promoting community services, leadership skills and to a large-scale involvement in the broad university community. Self-governance and self-control have been the backbone to good citizenship among sororities. Therefore, the elected leaders in the organizations are usually responsible for all the action and decision of their respective chapters. It means that, these leaders are responsible for setting proper moral standards for other cohorts as well as educating members existing policies that hold them together. In essence, the pursuit of academic excellence is an imperative aspect of the sorority and fraternity experience. For example, fraternities in Northern Arizona University must meet the minimum requirement stated by the university so as to graduate (NAU, P. 1-16). Since fraternities are involved in the dynamic association in life including academics and social life, Greek organizations are occasionally faced with challenges in their daily life. Social events have been noted to affect several sororities because their members attend clubs and other social functions that may influence an individual’s character. Drug abuse especially alcohol affects the health of fraternity members and most of the members usually consume it out of peer pressure. Initiation process of the new recruits and neophytes may turn out to be abusive, for example, sexual assaults, criminal behaviours and secret cults that the novice is not aware. These have led to the Greek societies getting a lot of condemnation from the public.  Moreover,  some of the parents do advise their children not to join the fraternity and

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