Friday, August 9, 2019

Plagiarism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Plagiarism - Essay Example This practice has been well-known as plagiarism. This can be universally defined as the act of copying or imitating the works, words, ideas, thought, or feelings conveyed by an author in a particular text without acknowledging the original text and the author. In many cases, the doers of plagiarism are students who do their assignments haphazardly, who do not trust their own knowledge and ability on the given task, and others who aim for a high mark. Aside from this, plagiarism has evolved from being just the mere act of copying and pasting texts. In general, there are two basic acts of plagiarism; these are the total plagiarism and the partial plagiarism. Total plagiarism is defined as an act of an individual to copy all the texts of a specific source and considers them his or her own work. This replication of published texts is a fraudulent act, which also encompasses the act of photocopying a material without asking permission from the author or the publisher. Aside from this, a full plagiarism can also occur when an individual copies verbatim a sentence or a phrase, which is composed of three or more words from a source. It is essential for an individual to avoid full or total plagiarism, especially when the person does not have any intention of citing the source or sources because, in the academe, it is considered as academic dishonesty.

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