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Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

literary productions - Essay ExampleHowever both the writers are observed to be depicting a wed life that reflects the pain and desolation of the two women and this depiction adds a new dimension or heart to marriage and relationships because the definition and importance of marriage has undergone a transformation since the old times. Also the gender roles eat up also undergone a change since women are now emerging as individual beings rather than a docile and a submissive counter part in a married relationship. In summons to this new meaning it is also stated, The role of marriage in the society itself has become blurred (Thornton, Axinn and Xie, 2007, p.5).This assorted and disillusioning representation of the shew of marriage symbolizes the despair and despondency of human race and society in the modern world. Moreover the representation of women as the victims of not only the societys or their familys will but also fate makes the readers realize the injustices that are don e to women. Consequently such a depiction adds the strains of feminism in both the prose. Although both the writers make use of the theme of feminism in their stories yet the manner in which each author depicts it reflects the unique style and perspective of each writer.The fiction of An Hour is a depiction of a womans tumultuous emotional journey from distress to joy to shock and death as a result of the shock with in the time design of one hour. The taradiddle gives an insight of a womans mind and the manner in which she deals with the implike news of her husbands death. Mrs. Mallards actions and reaction gives the story a lot of subtext that the readers look because through her actions the readers explore and interpret the hidden or the underlying meaning i.e. marriage is not an institute of security and stability for women anymore in fact it is a relationship of misery and pain.The Necklace is a story about a lower middle class woman Mathilde Loisel and her marriage. The s tory reflects

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