Saturday, October 5, 2019

Development of human resources in small business Research Paper

Development of human resources in small business - Research Paper Example the paper, it is going to have the following structure: introduction, theoretical concepts of human resource management, analysis of recruitment process, background information about small business, analysis of the situation with human resource management in small business, conclusions, and recommendations. HRM is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring,  performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training. (â€Å"HRM Definition†). However, it is the whole concept that consists of various different processes. For example, one can mention looking for potential employees, education of students, continuous training, and education of own employees, etc. It has been already much said about the importance of this process. That is why any company should build an effective strategy of human resource management. Among the most important process of human resource management the following ones may be pointed out: recruitment, education, performance management, promotion, etc. Recruitment is probably one of the most important processes. Recruitment process consists of internal and external recruitments. Simply speaking, internal recruitment is the process of evaluation and hiring own employees of a company to occupy new positions in a company. Usually, this process is associated with promotion of employees. Simply speaking, external recruitment is the process of hiring people who are not the current employees of a company. Usually, these processes are toughly related and used together in the process of recruitment by a company. It should also be mentioned about recruitment methods and strategies. There are many recruitments strategies, methods, and instruments. A company uses those ones that are the most appropriate foot it in a given circumstances. Some of them are more expensive, some of them are less. Some of them require

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