Monday, September 16, 2019

Complaint letter

Allay she informed me that Ms. Portfolio shouldn't have left anymore have a chose to take the quiz at an other time, then went back to class take the MOA quiz 2. After I left the room from finishing what I could do on the quiz students that were done with their quiz had informed me that she had made a call on her cell phone to Ms. Allay concerning me and allowing to speak freely among the other student calling me â€Å"malaria and grosser† and other slanderous words towards me, which I thought was very unprofessional of her to do. Also, she was very rude to speak about me in that manner.I was dumbfounded by how rude Ms. Portfolio behavior was today. After I was informed about the incident that had just occurred I went down to her office to confront her about it. She was speaking with Ms Allay about me, I didn't hear exactly what was being said but saw a look of relief on her face that I was there, maybe she had thought we could talk things over. I told Ms. Portfolio that did n ot appreciate how she spoke about me so rudely in front Of the class and that I hope next time if she had something to say about a student it would be in private.She then got upset and told Ms. Allay to suspend me, I then got upset as well and spoke a little strongly to her saying â€Å"On what ground can you suspend me for if I have done anything wrong other than telling you that your actions were unprofessional, I have never disrespected you in any way, have not verbally or physically abused you† She then yelled out † If she still remains her I can no longer be here†. This altercation has upset me and embarrassed me, made me feel discouraged to continue my stay at your program. Ms. Portfolio makes me feel unwanted in the facility.Ultimately I am writing this letter with the hope that my complaint about Ms. Portfolio will be resolved. I appreciate the time you have taken to read this letter and consider the grievance that I have contacted you about. If you have a ny additional questions or would like to talk to me about resolution options. Can be contacted at my email address Eva. Jove. [email  protected] Com or my cell phone (415)635-9936. Would like to get this resolved as quickly as possible so that I can better fully focus on my studies and completing the rest of my nine month course here at MILS in healthy environment.

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