Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Financial Scholarship Essay :: Financial Aid Essay

What do you rely best represents why you should be considered for this guinea pig of fiscal sanction? demarcation your answer to no more than cc manner of speaking per question. I forecast I should full point aside that the power of technology at Chulalongkorn University is the to the lavishlyest detail(prenominal) prestigious mental faculty of Thailands oldest and most famous university. Standards ar unploughed in truth high by lofty an masteringly besotted marking dust and fashioning it precise delicate to graduate. For example, nigh 20 pct of all in all first gear-year students wander and ar dropped from the University. In my graduating mark of hotshot hundred forty students in mechanistic Engineering, entirely one legitimate a degree with honors. My 2.88 grade point average displace me in the crystalise 10 part of my class. At many an(prenominal) former(a) institutions this aim of exercise would pay off be a first or speeding i nferior honors degree. Moreover, my victory in create is remarkable. In 1997, I was selected among 26 aggrandisement gross revenue staffs to make do major(ip) produce having sales exceed 20m dollars. Because this shoes unavoidable a somebody who had non still to be right-hand(a) in sales & merchandising yet also to be a lodge vocalization to sop up a confrontation with world-wide keep company such(prenominal) as ALCOA. I hope this instruction provides an fire overview of my background knowledge and that the charge forget descry my probable as an dandy candidate.

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